lauric acid, iron, and vit c to cure Crohns

Have you wondered why you need to consume lauric acid, iron, and vit c to cure Crohns disease?let me tell you in layman’s terms! by the way, the lauric acid i used in my experiment on my husband was coconut oil. I also still use it today. This is how i explain it to my husband.

Ok, in my opinion, those with Crohns disease are like bad bacteria and fungus magnets due to genetics. Recently scientists have discovered that ( bacteria) ecoli, (bacteria) serrtia marcesens, and ( fungus) candida tropicalis are all found in those with Crohns disease. They learned that these three work together to make a strong biofilm. SCARY!! Studies have also been done to prove that MAP is found in the blood of those with Crohns disease as well. It also has a strong biofilm.  MAP is a mycobacterium called Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis. 

lauric acid is strong enough to punch through the biofilms and kill any bad bacteria and bad fungus that you might have in your body. It is the lauric acid in coconut oil that is an anti-virus, anti-bacteria, and anti-fungal. It will kill them all! 🙂

iron-Your body needs iron to be healthy. All living things need iron to survive and grow. This includes bad bacteria and fungus. so the bad bacteria and bad fungus in your body are basically being like leeches and using your iron.

vit c-This helps you to be able to absorb iron better.

so as you consume the coconut oil weekly, you are killing the bad bacteria and bad fungus through out your body. to stay cured of this disease, you’ll have to do this for for the rest of your life or else due to your (NOD2/Card 15) genetics you can get it again. Bad bacteria is  found in everything from the soil, foods, water, etc! NOD2 genes have been found mutated in those with Crohns disease.  The NOD2 gene plays a role in the immune response. It recognizes bacterial molecules, and activates a protein called NF-kB. NF-kB then activates an immune response which leads to killing the bad bacteria and other pathogens.

The bad bacteria and fungus is dying off from the coconut oil! soon all bad bacteria will be dead! you want to continue taking your iron pill every day. My husband started to change color in his face from a grayish /pea green death color to his normal healthy skin tone by the end of 2 weeks. He was feeling better too! We were able to go to an amusement park for 5 hrs as a family this past summer!! It was the greatest thing ever to make memories as a family outside of the house. 🙂 as you take the iron pill, your iron will build back up in your body. you will no longer be deficient in iron. You’ll have your energy and health back!  The vit c and the iron pill will help your body better able to absorb the iron.

This is also child friendly! If you do not want to take the iron pill, no biggie. you can just eat 1 cup of spinach a day cooked or raw, or other foods with iron in them. Then immediately after you eat the spinach, eat an orange or something else with vit c. i did try this with my husband the first time. so it does work. My husband just didn’t want to eat spinach, so we switched to the iron pills. i would just buy organic baby spinach,cuties oranges, and organic coconut oil from Walmart. if you are allergic to coconut oil, you can try to find other foods high in lauric acid. i don’t know if it would work, but i just know coconut oil will work. you can put coconut oil in your tea, applesauce, yogurt, rice, etc. to consume it. you could try to give your child a chewable flintstone vitamin with iron in it. It might work like a iron pill.

The reason I said that this is a cure and not just remission is because this worked so well that it changed my husbands diagnosis. He no longer has Crohns disease. so, it can be cured, but you have to keep up with doing this stuff, or it is possible for you to get it again at some point in your life.

In addition, if you are not a coconut fan or are allergic, or choose not to use it, no problem! there are other sources that you can use instead.  you just want to google: foods high in lauric acid. The only thing is with trying something else other than coconut oil, is that i have no experience with it. so i don’t know how much you should take daily or for how long or how much.

You can also try to juice cabbage. if it was me i’d have my husband drink the cabbage juice daily. It has vitamin c, iron, and lauric acid in it. 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to read this information!

oh, and i’m not a fan of pills but there are also pill forms for lauric acid capsules, iron, and vit c!

I hope this information is able to help someone! If it does help you, please let me know if you get a chance.

weirdo note: if for some reason, i die, or something happens where i can no longer speak or communicate, i’m ok. i’m at peace knowing that the end result of my research work is out there published for the whole entire world to see, and to help educated those with IBD and especially crohns disease on how to help heal themselves  instead of being in pain and misery for the rest of their lives!

to all you crohnies out there-this is legit, i give you my word! If it helps you, please share this info with the rest of the world! obviously professional researchers for crohns, ulcerative colitis, and any other major IBD are not finding answers fast enough. We are going to have to get the word out there to help each other.





Time to share the cure

I wasn’t just able to put my husband into remission, but I was also able to change his diagnosis. This really did cure him of Crohns disease.  I hope that I can help all of you! I have been doing my own research for 6 yrs. I’m a stay at home mom, and the research has been my hobby for the past 6 yrs. My husband was diagnosed in Feb. 2011 with Crohns disease. He was taking 11 pills a day to manage his Crohns disease and still got flares. Then in Feb. 2016, we just discussed getting him adult diapers to wear everyday because of the accidents he was having at work. That’s when I found some answers. It sounds so easy, but it wasn’t. I know God helped me in my research. I was able to put my husband into remission, no meds at all. He was 100 % healthy. I told him what to do every day to keep healthy, he listened at first. Then he thought everything was ok, so he didn’t follow through with it.  he got a really bad flare in aug. due to not doing what I advised him to do to stay healthy. He had to go on short term disability. In November 2016, he got a colonoscopy. His GI doctor mentioned something like he no longer saw crohns disease, only colitis which meant that he had a little inflammation. colitis which any one can get and get rid of, but the GI still wanted to prescribe my husband a strong type of med. The GI dr said something like  because  he felt it helps people with IBD. He was actually shocked that my husband wasn’t already on it. The risk with that med was cancer or tumors. so we said no, absolutely not!! I put him in remission once, I wanted to try again. so we did. he has been cured since this past Thanksgiving 2016, perfect health, no pain, can do whatever he wants, can eat whatever he wants, is not a slave to the couch, house, or toilet. happy, healthy life!

He takes an iron pill that includes vit c in it. The brand is called NOW and it is called iron complex. 100 pills per bottle. Super cheap. he buys it online. he takes it every day first thing in the morning.

i also make a double batch of white rice every week. so about 6 cups when it’s done. i add 1/4-1/2 c of organic coconut oil to the hot rice and mix it really good in it all. then he eats some through out the week. That’s it!! I hope it helps you! give it about 2-3 weeks to see if you notice any difference. we noticed a difference in my husband after 2 weeks. i know that this does help those with Crohns disease, but it might be able to help others with IBD.

I originally titled this blog Crohns cure because that is what I feel it did for my husband. i feel that it did cure his Crohns disease. However, I am not the one who had crohns for the past 6 yrs. i was not the one who suffered with this awful disease. I was not the one who heard the doctor tell me you have crohns disease and there is no cure for it. My husband is that person who has been through all of that. he has asked me to change the title to Crohns relief instead. here is the definition for cure:

  1. 1.
    relieve (a person or animal) of the symptoms of a disease or condition.
    “he was cured of the disease”
    synonyms: heal, restore to health, make well/better;

    “after a long course of treatment, he was cured”

I hope this helps you all! if you have any questions, feel free to ask me!! ALso, if and when it does help you, please let me know if you can. i’d love to hear about your success!

*note-he does take  Balzalazide pills for a day or two, every once in a blue moon, if he feels some inflammation. In addition, i’d like to mention that if you can’t eat the rice, no big deal, but at least include coconut oil in your diet weekly.

for my kids

for my kids

I wanted to start this blog to help my children in the future to understand a disease that they might get due to genetics. My husband is a Crohnie. He was diagnosed with Crohns disease in Feb. 2011. Last night my 7 yr old daughter asked some questions about it. She understood for the first time that there is a possibility that she, and my other two children may get this disease some day. so, this blog is to help them understand the disease, and how to get in remission. There is no cure, there probably never will be, but remission is just as good. i’m not a professional scientist, biologist, doctor, chemist, or anything else medically professional. i’m a stay at home mom that devoted every free second i had after my kids were in bed, to studying this awful disease. i did my own study for 5 yrs before i had enough info and found a way to put my husband into remission. he went from 11 pills a day to zero pills and 100% healthy.  this blog is to let them know everything i know to help them to stay into remission and keep them healthy naturally. i can’t bare the thought of my children having to go through life suffering with this disease.